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Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete has actually been around for 8,000+ years. That means you’re connecting with a long-distance piece of history as you relax near your pool’s concrete deck. As cool as that might sound, it’s possibly not the reason you’re looking for a concrete deck for your pool. For starters, concrete is well-known for its high durability as a decking material. Furthermore, it’s much affordable than most other patio and pool deck options. And how can we tell this?


As a local concrete contractor, we’ve installed many swimming pools over time, and most of our customers ask for some concrete form around their pool. With our expertise, we understand how concrete is used and how it generally holds up over time.

Pool Deck Problems

Just like your house, your pool deck and pool could be affected by all issues because of shifting soils and different moisture content in soils. Here are some prevalent pool and pool deck issues:


  • Pool deck cracks. Typically, cracks in your pool deck or pool are caused either by soil movement beneath the concrete or improper construction.
  • Sloping concrete pool deck. Beware of settling pool decks since they can create a risky uneven surface.
  • Separation at coping. In case the coping and the pool walls are separating, it might mean there is a bigger disturbance around the pool and in the ground beneath. This could happen because of soil settlement and sinkholes.
  • Loss of pool water. Your concrete pool’s cracks might also lead to pool chemicals and loss of water.

What Are the Causes of Pool Deck Issues?

Numerous factors cause pool deck and pool issues. In most cases, these problems have something to do with soil movement and settlement. Here are some popular reasons for pool deck movement and other problems:


  • Heavy concrete slab. If your concrete pool contains a heavy concrete slab, it might result in loose soil compressing beneath the slab. In turn, this causes settlement and, ultimately, sinking concrete surfaces.
  • Poor pool construction. During your swimming pool construction, the backfill material might not be well compacted. For that reason, the soil settles and allows voids beneath the pool deck.
  • Sinkhole formation. If there are sinkholes around your house or beneath your pool or deck, they could cause the ground surface and soil to shift. It ultimately leaves your pool and deck without enough support, resulting in a settlement, cracking, and maybe collapse.
  • Fluctuating weather patterns. Cold and hot weather conditions cause the concrete to expand or contract. Thaw and freeze conditions could also be an essential factor.

We can always help you to prevent trip hazards and prolong your pool deck’s longevity.

Repair Options Of Concrete Pool Deck

As an experienced local concrete contractor, we provide concrete repair solutions for your swimming pool deck. We could even consider several techniques to lift and stabilize your particular concrete pool deck permanently. We have the relevant expertise and knowledge to ensure that the job is performed appropriately and on time. Give us a call and get an estimate.

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