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Concrete Patios In San Jose

A concrete patio doesn’t need solvent-based wood stains and sealers or regular maintenance. You could have your concrete textured, engraved, stenciled, or stamped to resemble costlier stone and brick pavers at a much-reduced cost.


Although a wood patio could crack and whip, in general, a concrete patio is very durable and should last for decades. Compared to brick, pavers, or natural stone, a concrete slab can’t shift, and the rebar typically makes a large pour significantly stronger. It would be prudent to trust your home to the professionals.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Patios?

  • Durability
    Typically, wooden decks are prone to fading and rotting under the elements. Since concrete is versatile and very durable, it will put up with the harsh weather. Generally speaking, the concrete will comprise many sealer coats, rebar, and a unique concrete mix with supporting fibers to provide your patios with decades of life.
  • Numerous Options
    A traditional wooden deck has increased its demand over the years because there are different types of sealers, stains, designs, and wood. On the other hand, concrete has many options when it comes to your patio’s style and finishes. Finishing methods such as stamping patterns could emulate stone, tile, or brick. You could score geometric designs or stain your concrete patio in blended patterns or solid colors at significantly low entry cost.

    Picking a more sophisticated design like faux finishes to emulate different natural stones or engraving or embossing logos and patterns into the concrete surface could be more expensive. To see more ideas visit concrete patio Oakland for their extensive styles that are sure to get you thinking. Since there are numerous designs available, your patio can be unique to your budget, style, and backyard.

  • Initial Cost
    Generally, concrete is among the most economical materials to construct a patio with. Apart from the low initial cost to construct a new concrete patio, you’ll have minimal maintenance requirements. It means you don’t have to replace rotting or worn out wood pieces, retain, or refinish your surface. It’s also much cheaper to pave a patio with concrete than paver stones.
  • Cost Savings & Longevity
    When you compare wood to concrete, there are a few similarities in how you should maintain them. Both have to be well-kept to optimize the material’s longevity caused by foot traffic, furniture, cold, heat, ice, and rain. Although both concrete patios and wooden decks require to be power washed and rubbed, concrete patios have a particular maintenance advantage.

    On the other hand, wooden decks require to be resealed and restained yearly and checked for mold and rot – replacing any loose screws or nails or damaged wood. In short, you’ll find a concrete patio to be cheaper and much easier to maintain.

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A concrete patio generally adds some curb appeal and personality to your home. In case your property renovations plans entail a patio, you should trust our professionals with your patio installation.


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